5 Reasons to Exercise as a Couple

Maximize each other's strengths and help eliminate weaknesses. See more relationship tips pictures.

An ideal workout partner has several requisite qualities: He or she is someone you enjoy being around, a person who can accept and issue a challenge and understands your strengths and weaknesses. Sounds oddly like your significant other, doesn't it? In fact, a healthy relationship and a healthy body have many similarities, so you might as well get your heart pounding with the person your heart aches for.

The benefits of exercise are well-documented but have you thought about how exercise can enhance your love life? It's a proven fact that exercise improves your mood and helps fight a variety of chronic diseases [source: Mayo Clinic]. Hey, you want to be together as long as possible, right? Plus, after a good workout you'll feel more energized, sleep better and look good for each other.

Not yet convinced? Well, we're not finished. Read on to discover more reasons to exercise as a couple.

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