10 Worst Ways to Die

Starve to Death
Protester Paul Connor sits on the lawns of Parliament House on day 34 of his hunger strike calling for climate change action, on Dec. 10, 2009, in Canberra, Australia. Stefan Postles/Getty Images

For many of us, eating is pretty much the best part of any day. It serves to reason that not eating -- in any capacity -- would be a horrible way to live life. Even worse, though, is depriving your body of food to the point of death.

First of all, a body can live for a surprising 60 or so days without food (although liquids like water or even coffee must be taken) [source: Koerner]. But what a miserable couple of months they are. After less than a week, the body begins to develop dangerous symptoms as it begins to feed off stored fat for energy. The liver begins to panic first, producing toxins that can be harmful in large quantities. Before a month is up, you're losing about 18 percent of your starting weight [source: Koerner].

And then, of course, your body begins to consume its own muscle and organs to be sated with energy. You can prolong the starvation process by ingesting much-needed salt, but it's hard to deny how miserable your final days would be.