10 Worst Ways to Die

Adrift at Sea
Those eight mariners waving farewell to sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman were saved after their vessel was engulfed in flames in August 2010. That's not quite what we're talking about. Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kilho Park/U.S. Navy via Getty Images

Here's the thing about the worst ways to die: Some of them don't sound that bad if you can forget that you die in the end. Case in point: being adrift at sea.

Sure, you might be thinking, being adrift at sea sounds miserable but at least you have the hope that a passing cruise ship will spot you, or that a mermaid will befriend you and teach you how to breathe underwater. (We all have our fantasies.) But we're not talking about the 10 coolest ways to get rescued, remember.

Reading through tales of those lost at sea -- and some of them don't have the luxury of having a boat, and are just bobbing in open water -- you start to realize how crushing it must be to be surrounded by endless possibilities for demise. Will it be a shark that takes a bite out of you ... or chomps your boat, which leaves you thrashing in the water waiting for the shark to return? Will it be starvation? Will it be hypothermia after your boat capsizes in a storm?

The possibilities are endless, awful and the only thing left to think about. Which is why being adrift at sea is safely on our list of worst ways to die.