10 Worst Ways to Die

Sky-high Andean peaks like these once served as the final resting place for some humans sacrificed by the Incas. Steven Miric/E+/Getty Images

So imagine this: You're not only going to die, but you have to -- believe? pretend? -- that you're being ritualistically killed because you're a perfectly beautiful and physically unblemished specimen. Unfair, man.

And with that we come to human sacrifice, another Worst Way To Die. In this case, we're talking about the Incan tradition of human sacrifice. Usually involving a chief's child, human sacrifice was a pretty cold affair. Literally, actually -- the ritual would take place high on an Andes summit. (They did feed the victim some liquor however, the day of the ritual, presumably to arm them a little against the weather and pain.) Archaeologists aren't too sure how painful a death the victims encountered; many of them do have skull fractures, which leads them to believe if they were not killed by the blow, they were at least knocked out before they died of exposure. Which, considering the gruesome nature of the process, still seems like cold comfort. (Har har.)

But human sacrifice is out of most of our wheelhouses. Let's all ruminate darkly on something most of us can relate to: dying a horrible death in a fiery plane crash.