10 Worst Ways to Die

Eaten by Animals
Those jaguar teeth look like they could be kind of painful. Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

Animals are great. They provide comfort and companionship and are a source of humor. Also, they can kill you and eat you. Which brings us to our next Worst Way to Die. It's kind of a catchall category, because it turns out there are many, many animals that are fine with gnoshing on your pretty person. So let's just cover a few here.

Unlike other cats that will kill and eat you (lions, tigers and so on), jaguars do not suffocate their prey by going for the neck. Instead, they use their elongated canines to bite through the temporal bones of their victim. Yup, they bite the brain. Ouch.

Not to be outdone, hyenas can hold their own in the cat-eating-people contest. While they might shake and break the spine of smaller prey, they hop to it with people-sized victims. When they have a victim prone, they start eating. Even if the person-sized victim is completely and utterly conscious.

While pythons and anacondas do asphyxiate a person, the cause of death is generally cardiac arrest from the lack of oxygen. And yes, they belong on this particular page because they've also been known to occasionally swallow victims after the squeeze.