Celebrity ER Trips
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Before his death in 1994, Nirvana front man and grunge rock icon Kurt Cobain paid an unexpected visit to a Rome emergency room. Where does that trip rank on our list?

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

They often live in estates and have chauffeurs and personal chefs. When they travel, they don't fly coach -- if they even fly commercial. They have entourages and security guards to keep groupies and autograph seekers at bay. They're celebrities, and their lives are often designed to have little connection with the general public. But when things go wrong -- a shooting, an overdose or unexpected sickness -- there's no velvet-lined medical treatment center awaiting famous people. Instead, they visit the same emergency rooms as everyone else and find that their fans are just as interested in their troubles as their successes -- maybe more so.

From comedians to musicians to actors, here are some of the more notable celebrities who've ended up in the ER and the series of events that led them there. Some are minor mishaps, others are tragic, but all involved fame and lots of media coverage. First up, a grunge rock sensation seeks medical attention just a month before his ultimate demise.