Weird Spa Treatments

It's been said that slithering snakes are soothing to the skin.

Uriel Sinai/Getty Images

So you want to pamper yourself with a visit to a luxury spa, but you're bored with the usual aromatherapy, heated stones on your back and placid New Age music. Well, that's great because we have some suggestions for you!

How about a slithery snake massage or a pedicure from a school of hungry fish? Or perhaps a cactus needle massage, a facial with human placenta tissue, or a scrub with nightingale droppings? Snail slime moisturizer is said to be wonderfully rejuvenating, too. And if you crave full-body relaxation, maybe baking in a Korean oven sauna or taking a dip in a tub of Czech beer will do the trick.

Even if that all sounds a little, well, strange, don't be deterred. Such offbeat beauty and health regiments are increasingly de rigeuer at high-end spas, according to industry mavens.

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