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What Is Kefir and Is It Good for You?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink similar to a thin yogurt, said to be full of good gut bacteria and capable of lowering blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Sounds great, but does the hype match the reality?

How to Succeed at Intermittent Fasting

Your friends might be talking up this way of eating and have you curious as to whether it may work for you. We talk to the experts to find out, as well as give you our personal experience.

6 Anti-inflammatory Foods You Should Be Eating

Some foods have been linked with making the body less inflamed. But what is inflammation anyway and how can food make it better?

Is Cold-Shocking Your Body After a Sauna a Good Idea?

The Finnish people tout the therapeutic benefits of a hot sauna, followed by a cold plunge into a lake. And they would know. They're credited with starting the practice and have been doing it for centuries.

How to Stay Warm in Your Freezing-cold Office

Whether winter is a-knocking at your poorly insulated office – or you have a too-efficient AC in the summertime, we have some creative real-world tips and advice on gadgets to help you stay warm.

IV Drip Bars Are a Hot Trend, But Are They Safe?

Feeling hungover or rundown? Just walk into an IV drip bar, sit down and roll up your sleeve. Is this a good idea or a fad that will go the way of the sauna suit?

Should You Always Take Off Your Shoes in Your Home?

Some people feel you track a lot of germs and dirt into your home if you keep your street shoes on inside, but studies have shown it's not that bad.

Asian Americans Should Be Screened for Diabetes at Lower Weights

Some U.S. doctors and Asian American health advocates are calling for a lower BMI cutoff for Asian Americans, mainly because of health concerns about Type 2 diabetes.

Bagel, Muffin or Doughnut: Which Is the Best and Worst, Healthwise?

When you're grabbing something to go with your coffee in the morning, which of these three baked treats will do the least damage to your health?

9 Refreshing Uses for Peppermint Oil

There are so many uses for this essential oil, including soothing irritable bowel syndrome, relieving headaches, even keeping head lice away.

What Do Pheromones Do to People and Animals?

Pheromones are a powerful means of controlling behavior among members of a social group or species. They can indicate danger, territory or even readiness to mate. But what exactly are pheromones, anyway?

Have People Ever Really Eaten Tapeworms for Weight Loss?

The rumor mill says that if a person were to intentionally swallow a tapeworm their excess pounds would simply melt away. But what's the truth about the 'tapeworm diet'?

Why People Are Downing Chlorophyll, the Plant Pigment

Chlorophyll doesn't just make grass green – it has properties that help people too. And some folks are taking chlorophyll supplements to get more of it. Is this a good thing?

A Moo-ving New Therapy: Cuddle Up to a Cow

Perhaps you already know that having a pet or being around animals can have therapeutic value. So can hugging a cow. Hey, if goat yoga is a thing, why not this?

The Science and Smarts Behind Hypertrophy (and Getting Ripped)

Hypertrophy is just a super-science-y way to say you're building muscle. And there are lots of ways to do it.

Reflexology: Bogus, Beneficial or a Bit of Both?

The ancient art of reflexology focuses on pressure points — exclusively on hands and feet — to relieve stress throughout the body. Does it work or just feel good?

6 Fruits Loaded With Sugar

We all know we should eat more fruit, but you may want to limit your intake of these.

Is Going Sockless Bad for Your Feet?

Yep, socks were invented for a reason.

Is Kimchi Good or Bad for You?

Kimchi has a reputation for being a healthy dish, thanks to the vegetables, spices and fermentation process that promotes healthy bacteria. But are there any drawbacks?

Juul 'Make the Switch' Ads Drawing Flak From Anti-tobacco Activists

Juul dominates the Big Vape market, but the company also has been accused of targeting minors in its television and marketing campaigns. Is Juul breaking or just circumventing the law?

People Drink 47% More With an Open Bar, Study Says

An open bar at an event sounds like an invitation to a good time, but at what cost?

10 'Healthy' Foods That Really Aren't

Did you really want that protein bar or do you just think it's better for you than a cookie? Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Here are 10 products that people think must be good for you but may not be.

What Is the Difference Between a D.O. and an M.D.?

Surely you know M.D. is the abbreviation for medical doctor. But what about D.O.? What does that designation even mean? And does these doctors have the same medical training?

Namaste: It Doesn't Just Mean Yoga Class Is Over

The ubiquitous and beautiful Sanskrit word has meaning beyond the mat.