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At the spa, many treatments are offered. Spa health is essential for a well balanced body, but does not have to cost a fortune to maintain. Learn more about spa health and what services are best for you.Take a look at what goes on at the spa and what beauty services are best for you.


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Why You May Like Floating in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank is a form of restricted environmental stimulation therapy. Studies have shown it can be good for your mind and body.

Is Cold-Shocking Your Body After a Sauna a Good Idea?

The Finnish people tout the therapeutic benefits of a hot sauna, followed by a cold plunge into a lake. And they would know. They're credited with starting the practice and have been doing it for centuries.

IV Drip Bars Are a Hot Trend, But Are They Safe?

Feeling hungover or rundown? Just walk into an IV drip bar, sit down and roll up your sleeve. Is this a good idea or a fad that will go the way of the sauna suit?

Reflexology: Bogus, Beneficial or a Bit of Both?

The ancient art of reflexology focuses on pressure points — exclusively on hands and feet — to relieve stress throughout the body. Does it work or just feel good?

How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps in the Bikini Area

Have you ever wondered if the price of beauty is a bit too high? In the case of the bikini line, that price is often razor bumps. How do you get rid of them?

Do cellulite treatments work?

Spas of all stripes are offering cellulite treatments in their menus. Are any of them worth the money?

Benefits of Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Though difficult to describe, the results of lomi lomi massage can seem simply out of this world, providing clients with a renewed sense of harmony and well being. Is it right for you?

Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

Stressed out? Hot stone massage is a particularly effective deep-heat technique with a wide range of benefits for those dealing with tension or musculoskeletal issues.

Mascara or Eyelash Tinting?

It's simple enough to apply mascara each day, but would it be easier in the long run to dye your lashes instead? What are the pros and cons of eyelash tinting?

Why does the skin on my knuckles crack and bleed in the winter?

You don't remember cutting yourself, but for some reason the skin on your knuckles is bleeding. Why does it do this in the wintertime?

Woo Her With a Couples Massage

Rekindle your romance or take it to the next level with an exciting couples massage. Spas offer all kinds of packages and options to make it extra-special.

Alleviate Dull Skin with Dry Body Exfoliation

When you think of exfoliation, you may think of a paste-like salt scrub. But you can get the same benefits without involving oils, rubs or creams. How? Dry it on.

Is eyebrow tinting right for me?

Eyebrow tinting can help make your eyes more noticeable, but if you don't do some research before you go, your eyes could stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Can the right facial shrink large pores?

The size of your pores can affect the way you feel about your face, but what can you do about them? Can the right facial help you shrink your pores?

Are facials good for my sensitive skin?

Having sensitive skin doesn't necessarily mean you have to skip that luxury facial you've been eyeing. Find out how to make your facial work for you.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Whether you've been tweezing, waxing or shaving those pesky problem hairs, you're probably tired of losing the follicle feud. But is permanent hair removal really permanent?

Boost Your Skin With Firming and Lifting Moisturizers

Moisturizers that lift and firm? Yes, please! Learn more about what these "miracle" products are and how they work.

How does color therapy work?

Feeling blue today? How about red? Or purple? See what color therapy can do for you.

Is cryotherapy the next big thing in spas?

While heat (as in saunas) has been popular in spas, its polar opposite – ice – is now getting the star treatment, thanks to cryotherapy. What is it used for?

How young is too young for massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a great way for adults to unwind, but what about kids and teens?

How to Introduce Your Guy to Manscaping

There was a time when body-hair removal was strictly for the ladies, but not anymore. If your guy is looking a bit bushy, here are a few tips on how to get him to start manscaping.

How to Prevent Cracked and Dry Skin in the Winter

It's easy to take your skin for granted, but as the largest organ in your body, it deserves some judicious attention and protection from the elements.

Refresh Yourself with Spa Water Treatments

Treating yourself to a steaming hot bath or shower can help to ease aches and pains for both the body and mind. Or maybe some cold therapy will rejuvenate your tired muscles.

Are maternity massages safe for the baby?

Many massage studios don't offer prenatal massage due to the fact something could go wrong. But does this come down to liability or actual risk?

5 Benefits of Mattifying Treatments

If you suffer from oily skin, you know that face cleansers will only do much. That's where mattifiers come in.