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10 Weird Spa Treatments

Placenta Facial

If going to the Swiss clinic that offers injections of live sheep placenta cells is too déclassé for you, maybe you'll be interested in this: CNN reported in 2008 that a Beverly Hills skin center was offering treatments using human placentas, obtained from Russian maternity wards, for $350 to $500 a session. While there doesn't seem to be much hard scientific evidence, proponents of placenta-based beauty treatments claim that it does wonders for sun and acne-ravaged skin [source: Yvkeff]. The practice seems to have originated in Asia. A Singapore company called Maylande markets a facial treatment made from human placentas that it obtains in Japan. Its placenta-based products include a tonic, a soap, a facial mask and others, which it claims provide a range of benefits, from clear skin to brain stimulation [source: Maylande].