Should I get a flu shot?

What are the possible side effects?

What can you expect if you've had the flu shot? Not much, as flu vaccines are tolerated by most people. There may be some side effects:

  • primarily a low grade fever for 8 to 24 hours after you receive the shot.
  • a swollen, red, tender area around the vaccination spot.
  • And a few people, especially children, may develop slight chills or a headache within 24 hours, but the symptoms go away within a day or so.

If you are allergic to eggs, consult your doctor before getting a flu shot: Because the egg in which the virus was grown cannot be completely extracted, people with hypersensitivity to egg products may have to try other options to fight the flu. One rare reaction to the vaccine is the Guillain-Barr Syndrome, a severe paralytic illness that was particularly prevalent during the Swine flu vaccinations in 1976.