10 Most Dangerous Items in the Office

Paper (Cuts!)

Even the office veteran who juggles steaming cups of coffee and sharp scissors while maneuvering through a maze of open file cabinets and rolling chairs can be brought to his knees by the sharp pain of the dreaded paper cut. Unlike other superficial skin cuts -- from a razor blade or even scissors -- paper deposits material in the wound as it cuts, causing the sting that anyone who's ever had a paper cut will never forget [source: Glass]. They're often caused by a single sheet that's been slightly dislocated from a stack of paper so that the handler doesn't notice a sharp protruding edge.

You can avoid paper cuts by being careful not to drag hands or fingers along the edges of a paper pile. Additionally, if you regularly handle large stacks or reams of paper, help protect your digits with creams (or beeswax), gloves and finger guards [sources: Mikal, Gordon].

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