5 Unusual Aquatic Deaths

Water may be "the stuff of life," but it can also kill in crazy ways.
Water may be "the stuff of life," but it can also kill in crazy ways.
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Water is often called "the stuff of life" because it's found everywhere and is a part of most anything that's alive. But water can also kill and is home to killer marine life. Sharks have long held the top spot as terrifying man eaters, though that reputation is far worse than reality -- that some of the most unusual water-related deaths have nothing to do with sharks or sharp teeth. Being healthy, curious and devoted to your work can be lethal when water's involved. And vacations involving water? They can be downright deadly.

Calling water "the stuff of death" wouldn't entice people to stay hydrated and enjoy the world's aquatic marvels, however, and in reality, many types of aquatic deaths are highly unusual. On a typical day, most of us can keep our heads above water and animals at bay, but you never know when a few gallons, a whale-sized tank or even pirates -- yes pirates -- will become deadly.

Life is precious and water is precious to life, and with respect for the wonder of it all, we can also marvel at the random nature of these five unusual aquatic deaths.

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