Where are your maxillary sinuses?

You have several sinuses on your face. These are air-filled cavities that help with the drainage of mucous and fluid. Your maxillary sinuses are located on your cheekbones. You have one maxillary sinus for each cheekbone. Your maxillary sinuses start beneath your eyes and extend to just above your teeth on each side of your nose. In some cases, the roots of the upper teeth protrude into the maxillary cavity.

Your maxillary sinuses drain into your nasal passage through an opening located midway up the maxillary sinus wall. Mucous and liquid can easily build up in your maxillary sinuses, leading to infection. If this occurs, you will likely experience a toothache or a dull pain around your cheeks. The maxillary sinuses are the largest sinuses, and they can lead to the most pain and discomfort when you have sinusitis [source: Sinus Pro].