5 Reasons to Get Your Stomach Pumped


Cool You Down

Hyperthermia, or overheating, is a serious risk during the summer months. Every year people perish from hyperthermia, especially when deadly heat waves sweep the country. The regulation of your body's internal temperature is essential for the body to function properly. If it gets too hot and your body isn't able to cool itself down enough, you could experience symptoms of hyperthermia, including dizziness, heat cramps, swelling, weakness and, in extreme cases, death [source: National Institute on Aging].

Doctors will sometimes use the gastric lavage procedure to cool down patients experiencing hyperthermia. Using the typical equipment for stomach pumping, ice water is pumped into and out of the stomach (instead of the usual warm water) to help quickly cool the body's interior back down to a healthy temperature [source: Kates].