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First Aid Overview

First Aid for Mouth Injuries

There are many different types of mouth injuries. Follow these steps to administer first aid to the victim of a mouth injury:

Emergency Treatment

  1. Check for more serious head injuries (see head injury).

  2. Have the victim sit with their head tilted forward to allow blood to drain.

  3. Control bleeding:

    -Lip: Place a rolled dressing between the lip and the gum. Hold a second dressing against the outside lip.

    -Tongue: Press both sides of tongue with gauze or clean cloth without obstructing victim's breathing.

    -Gums and roof of mouth: Use direct pressure with gauze or clean cloth.

    -Tooth: Place direct pressure on tooth or socket with gauze or clean cloth, or have victim bite down on gauze or cloth placed on tooth or socket.

  4. DO NOT repeatedly rinse the mouth because this may prevent clotting.

    DO NOT let the victim swallow blood because this may cause vomiting.

  5. If bleeding does not stop or wound requires further care, transport victim to emergency room or dentist's office.

  6. If tooth has been broken or knocked out, remove knocked-out tooth or fragments, submerge them in milk, and transport them with victim.
To learn more about first aid and emergency care, see:
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