First Aid

First aid can be applied in situations like hypothermia, poisonings and bodily injuries. Learn more about how and when to use first aid.

Lots of factors can affect a bystander's decision to perform CPR, and a big one seems to be gender.

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Both ice and heat can be beneficial in treating injuries. Follow these guidelines to decide when to utilize each and how to use ice and heat properly to effectively soothe pain and reduce swelling after an injury.

When you've got a cut hand, a sore back or a high fever, it's no time to dig around for medical supplies. What are the 10 must-have items for your medicine chest?

When you have a wound, harmful germs face off against your body's defenders -- white blood cells. A mild cut can sometimes turn into a more sinister infection. Learn more about abscesses, cellulitis, and lymphangitis.

As horrifying as a black eye can look, it is usually nothing that will cause lasting or serious damage. But you still need to care for it properly -- we'll show you how.

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CPR guidelines have probably changed since you tried to perform it on Resusci Anne. See what's different in this critical first aid technique.

First aid can be applied to save lives situations like hypothermia, choking, poisonings and bodily injuries. Learn about how and when to use first aid.