10 Cool Things About Being a Medical Examiner


Job Security

In some parts of the country, coroners elected to office cannot be recalled or removed unless it's been proven that they've committed crimes.

This has lead to problems when coroners underperform or allow personal biases to interfere with or obstruct the objective execution of their duties. This is one reason why many states now allow counties to switch from using an elected coroner to an appointed medical examiner. While elected coroners can for the most part only be voted out of office by the people (and can be voted in regardless of qualifications), medical examiners are often required to have medical licensing or training, and serve at the pleasure of the board tasked with appointing them (often a county commission, by any of its names).

Nonetheless, it's such a respected position and specialized field that you'd have to really botch your job badly to embolden a majority (or super-majority, as the case may be) of county-commission types to kick you to the curb.

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