Top 10 Tips for Talking to a Pediatrician


Take Notes

The worry over a sick child combined with pressure of short doctor visits is enough to fill up most parents' minds. Even if you intend to have background information ready and prepare questions ahead of time, some of these things could slip your mind. So try to keep a running list of everything you'll want to mention to or ask the pediatrician.

But, just as important, keep that pen in hand during the appointment as well -- take notes while you are with the doctor and listening to the diagnosis and explanation. You don't want to forget any important advice, for example, on how often to give your child certain medication.

The doctor might have to quickly talk about something you're not familiar with. If the doctor doesn't have time to explain something, that notepad will keep the complex terms and jargon fresh in your mind for when you do your own research. It might also help to ask for any relevant handouts with more information to take home.