What are enneagram personality types?

The Nine Enneagram Personality Types

Now that we know the origins of the enneagram personality types, let's take a closer look at each one:

  • Type 1: The Reformer/Idealist. A perfectionist, the Reformer maintains a flawless façade and is an organizational marvel with a sense of purpose, but can fall into self-righteousness and intolerance.
  • Type 2: Caregiver. The Caregiver is helpful by nature and builds an identity around that trait. This focus on being nice can lead to a sense of bitterness and resentment from placing the needs of others above the needs of the self.
  • Type 3: High Achiever. Driven by success, this type rises to the top of any chosen field. Often a workaholic, the High Achiever's worst fear is being a "nobody."
  • Type 4: The Individualist. These types have a need to create and express themselves generally through art. Proud of being "different," these sensualists can also be self-absorbed and get lost in fantasy worlds.
  • Type 5: The Investigator. This type spends a lot of time alone in thought, and often substitutes knowledge about the world for a search of knowledge about oneself.
  • Type 6: The Loyalist. As the name implies, this type has a strong sense of loyalty to friends, romantic partners, beliefs, systems, organizations and superiors. Reliable, dependable and trusting, the Loyalist can also be highly anxious and indecisive and seek out a sense of security in underhanded ways.
  • Type 7: The Enthusiast. An extrovert, the Enthusiast enjoys a wide circle of friends who are drawn to the Enthusiast's spontaneity and enthusiasm for experiencing the joys of the world. The Enthusiast has trouble saying "No" to material goods and intoxicants, and attempts to boost the diminishing sense of joy those things bring by increasing consumption.
  • Type 8: The Challenger/Warrior. This "alpha" personality type is self-confident, dominant and assertive. A natural leader, the Challenger is dependent on no one, but forms no deep emotional bonds. Prone to bad temper and big ego, the Challenger uses strength as a means of protecting the weak.
  • Type 9: The Peacemaker. Making, maintaining or restoring the peace is the goal of the Peacemaker. This type dislikes conflict and will do a lot to avoid it.

You may be able to immediately pick out your personality from this list, or relate to several. So what good could come of any of this? Keep reading to find out.