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Insights on Alzheimer's From the Long-running Nun Study

This study of more than 30 years has yielded many valuable insights on Alzheimer's including a link between multilingualism and warding off dementia. Why are nuns the ideal study group?

Study Highlights Unique Stereotypes About Biracial Americans

A study found that stereotypes of Americans who identified with more than one race were different from stereotypes applied to people of one race. What were they and what do biracial people think about these findings?

Do Weighted Blankets Help With Sleep?

Sleeping with a weighted blanket is said to help alleviate stress and anxiety by creating a "snuggle effect." But does science back this up?

What's Considered a Microaggression?

The term 'microaggression' has gone mainstream in the last few years. But what counts as a microaggression, and why are some experts critical of the word?

Survivor Guilt: Living Through Major Trauma

The suicides of two students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as well as the suicide of a father of a child killed at Newtown Elementary highlight how the shock from a deep trauma remains long after for survivors.

The Powerball 'Tipping Point': What Size Jackpot Makes You Play?

There's a magic number that gets casual players (maybe you) really interested.

Digital Hoarding Could Be Harmful to Your Mental Health

Do you have thousands of photos and emails stored on your devices or in the cloud? If so, you might be a digital hoarder. But is that as bad as being hoarder in real life?

Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking can be debilitating for many people. What is it that causes so many of us to freeze up like a deer in headlights when it's time to talk in public?

Millions Are Texting — Instead of Calling — Crisis Hotlines

Many young people would rather text than call, even if they're facing a crisis. But is a hotline conversation by text as effective as by phone?

The 'Perfect Storm' of Elderly Dementia and Guns

The U.S. has a large number of older people who have dementia and are gun owners. And that's a problem.

Can You Fall Asleep With Your Eyes Open?

Or what about half open? It's more common than you might think.

Which Jobs Have the Highest Suicide Rates?

The CDC recently released a report showing that some occupations have much higher suicide rates than others.

Evidence Grows of Link Between Herpes Virus and Alzheimer's Disease

For decades scientist Ruth Itzhaki has been researching the link between having the herpes virus and contracting Alzheimer's later in life. If true, this could lead to a simple treatment for Alzheimer's.

Knowing Your Tendency Helps You Conquer Life Goals

Author Gretchen Rubin says people have one of four personal tendencies that direct how we handle inner and outer expectations. Knowing your tendency can help you figure out how to manage change.

People Are Dying for the Perfect Selfie

More than 250 people in six years have died while taking selfies. Who is taking such risks and why?

How Sleep Consolidates Our Memories

A new study determined it takes a split second for our brains to replay and store certain memories when we sleep.

Can Military Meditation Techniques Help You Fall Asleep Fast?

Americans are deprived of sleep. And it's becoming a public health crisis. Could the military really help out?

What's the Difference Between Enabling and Supporting?

If you have a loved one fighting drug or alcohol addiction, it can sometimes be hard to know when helping them is actually hurting them.

The Better Sleep Quiz

When your quality of sleep degrades, your whole life — from work to family — begins to fray at the edges. Do you know some of the basics of getting better sleep?

Here's How You Help a Friend With Depression

You may not be a professional therapist, but you might be the only person around to observe that a loved one is depressed or suicidal. What's the best way to help?

Does Sleeping On Your Side Stop Snoring?

If you sleep with someone who snores, you may've read that you should wake them up and have them turn on their side to stop the problem. But does it work?

Introvert and Extrovert Brains Aren't the Same

And that difference has a lot to do with dopamine — and how you respond to it.

Why Socks Help You Sleep Better

Wearing socks to bed may not look sexy, but it can be a lifesaver at helping you fall asleep faster.

More Bad News for People With Insomnia

A new study just found the sleeping disorder could make you gain weight. Awesome.

People Want to Go Under the Knife to Look Like Their Snapchat Selfies

You'll never look like your Snapchat self, but that's not stopping people from trying.