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5 Strategies for Cultivating Hope in 2021

How do we find hope when times are bleak? It's not always easy, but it is possible.

Anxious About, Well, Everything? That's Zozobra and You're Not Alone

Feeling disoriented by the election, pandemic and everything else? It's called 'zozobra,' and Mexican philosophers have some advice.

When Does Belief in a Conspiracy Theory Like QAnon Tip Into Addiction?

About half of all Americans believe at least one conspiracy theory. But what's the difference between believing a theory and being addicted to it? And how can you help someone you think might be in too deep?

Embracing Ennui: How Boredom Can Be Good for You

Everyone experiences boredom at some point and maybe even ennui, a chronic type of boredom. But surprisingly, ennui does have some benefits.

STUG: When Grief Hits Like a Bolt Out of the Blue

A sudden (or subsequent) temporary upsurge of grief, or STUG, can knock you off your feet and leave you in a puddle, but being aware of it can lessen its power.

Thalassophobia: Do You Fear the Deep Ocean?

Should we blame this on the movie 'Jaws'? Many people have a fear of the ocean and what lies beneath it. How can you cope with this?

Anhedonia: When Nothing Feels Good Anymore

Have you found yourself lacking the ability to experience joy? Not feeling any pleasure in things you used to love to do? It could be just the blues, but it could be a deeper issue.

Why Are People With Trypophobia Horrified By Holes?

Trypophobia is the fear — or more like disgust — of closely packed holes. But is it a real phobia and how can it be treated?

How Do You Sleep When Sailing Solo for 4,000 Miles?

Four weeks and 4,000 miles is a long time to get by on catnaps during a solo sailing race. So, researchers set out to find whether there was a sleep strategy that worked best.

Horses Have an Extraordinary Ability to Help Humans

Horses are extremely sensitive to human emotions and are able to pick up on our subtlest feelings to help us uncover emotional blind spots.

Feel Like a Fraud, Despite Your Success? You Might Have Impostor Syndrome

Perhaps everyone feels unworthy of their achievements at some point. But if you constantly have that feeling, you may have impostor syndrome. So, who's more likely to have it and how do you cope with it?

Insights on Alzheimer's From the Long-running Nun Study

This study of more than 30 years has yielded many valuable insights on Alzheimer's including a link between multilingualism and warding off dementia. Why are nuns the ideal study group?

Study Highlights Unique Stereotypes About Biracial Americans

A study found that stereotypes of Americans who identified with more than one race were different from stereotypes applied to people of one race. What were they and what do biracial people think about these findings?

Do Weighted Blankets Help With Sleep?

Sleeping with a weighted blanket is said to help alleviate stress and anxiety by creating a "snuggle effect." But does science back this up?

What's Considered a Microaggression?

The term 'microaggression' has gone mainstream in the last few years. But what counts as a microaggression, and why are some experts critical of the word?

Survivor Guilt: Living Through Major Trauma

The suicides of two students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as well as the suicide of a father of a child killed at Newtown Elementary highlight how the shock from a deep trauma remains long after for survivors.

The Powerball 'Tipping Point': What Size Jackpot Makes You Play?

There's a magic number that gets casual players (maybe you) really interested.

Digital Hoarding Could Be Harmful to Your Mental Health

Do you have thousands of photos and emails stored on your devices or in the cloud? If so, you might be a digital hoarder. But is that as bad as being hoarder in real life?

Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking can be debilitating for many people. What is it that causes so many of us to freeze up like a deer in headlights when it's time to talk in public?

Millions Are Texting — Instead of Calling — Crisis Hotlines

Many young people would rather text than call, even if they're facing a crisis. But is a hotline conversation by text as effective as by phone?

The 'Perfect Storm' of Elderly Dementia and Guns

The U.S. has a large number of older people who have dementia and are gun owners. And that's a problem.

Can You Fall Asleep With Your Eyes Open?

Or what about half open? It's more common than you might think.

Which Jobs Have the Highest Suicide Rates?

The CDC recently released a report showing that some occupations have much higher suicide rates than others.

Evidence Grows of Link Between Herpes Virus and Alzheimer's Disease

For decades scientist Ruth Itzhaki has been researching the link between having the herpes virus and contracting Alzheimer's later in life. If true, this could lead to a simple treatment for Alzheimer's.

Knowing Your Tendency Helps You Conquer Life Goals

Author Gretchen Rubin says people have one of four personal tendencies that direct how we handle inner and outer expectations. Knowing your tendency can help you figure out how to manage change.