10 Strange Phobias


Chromophobia -- Fear of Color

People who suffer from phobias find themselves suddenly filled with dread, short of breath and dripping with sweat because they've encountered a situation or object that, for whatever reason, triggers a deep, persistent fear and overwhelming sense of anxiety. Some phobias, such as a fear of thunder or spiders, don't disrupt life in such a way that they require treatment. Others, such as chromophobia, can be paralyzing to those who suffer from them. Chromophobia is the fear of color, and people with this phobia make dramatic life changes to avoid their fear. Imagine trying to live in a colorless world.

Color-phobic sufferers may fear all colors or just a few, but there are also phobias to describe the fear of specific colors. For example, xanthophobia is the fear of yellow, leukophobia is the fear of white, erythrophobia is the fear of red (and facial blushing), melanophobia is the fear of black and porphyrophobia is the fear of purple.