Your First Kiss Experience

We asked and you told! Read what fellow visitors told us about their first kiss:

"My first kiss was simply perfect. I was at church camp at the beach in North Carolina. I was walking on the beach with my boyfriend. We were both 15. It was night time. There were no artificial lights and there were millions of stars glittering above. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. Not to sound corny, but it was wonderful. The world tilted on its axis, the stars performed a ballet, and I forgot how to breathe for a few minutes. Of all the kisses since then, none have topped that first one."

Bobbie, Blue Eye, MO

"My first kiss was the image of a nose in my face. lol."


"We were dancing to a "slow jam". I was 13 and he was 15. He gazed into my eyes and I into his and we both knew what was about to happen. It suddenly felt like the sun was inside the house and my body melted like ice."


"My first kiss was in the 9th grade during PE class. After everyone had already gone inside to the locker rooms to change, the "guy" pulled me aside and asked me for a kiss. I said sure, not thinking this would be anything more than a little peck. The next thing I knew his disgusting, cigarette-tasting tongue was down my throat. Needless to say, It was not a very nice first kiss!"


"Mind Blowing, 24 years on, and it feels like yesterday!"


"My first kiss was with a boy I had the total "Hots" for...I know ...I know...what does a 7th grader know about what's HOT and what's NOT...(ha ha)...!!! The magic night finally happened..a house party and he was there..."Spin the bottle anyone"...!!!!!!!!!!!! "I'm in"...and so was HE...The luck of the draw ...or in this case, the spin...was in my favor...The bottle was spinning out of control and it seemed like forever until it was his spin and the bottle stopped and pointed directly at ME...(Oh boy)...he crawled over to me on his hands and knees...smiled...(I melted)...and then IT very first kiss...YUK...!!!!!!!!! It was slobbery...mouth opened too wide...hard tongue jetting down my was like making out with my Bassett hound..(well not that I've ever made out with my dog but I could only imagine) ha ha...!!! So there you have it...a major disappointment..Ho Hum...!!!"