The existence of love is the source of much debate -- among members of society as well as the science community. Find out what we know about the possibility, likelihood and effects of that thing called love.


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Why Do We Fall in Love?

Despite the heartache that often accompanies love, we can't help wanting it and rejoicing when it works. Are we hard-wired to fall in love or are just responding to societal pressure? And why are some people more successful at love than others?

Love at First Sight? A Study Says It's Probably Just Lust

Love or Lust? Many people believe in love at first sight, but little research has been on this. A new study set out to find whether love at first sight really exists.

This Is Why Humans Don't Have a Mating Season

Some mammals mate and reproduce at a specific time of year, but not humans. (Spring break notwithstanding, of course.)

How Many People Are Lifelong Virgins?

Humans are low-virginity, high-reproduction animals. Some of us go our whole lives with no action, either by choice or circumstance. How many people never have sex?

Kiss Your Way to Good Health

Have you ever wondered what the health benefits of kissing are? Read on to learn how a healthy dose of kissing can improve your life.

A Message for the One You Love

Show your loved one that you care this Valentine's Day and share an ecard for your loved one that says you care!

5 Ways That Love Is Good for Your Health

Are you usually a Valentine's Day naysayer? Read on to learn about why you should give this day of love a second chance!

Does Love Make Your Pupils Dilate?

The eyes are more than the "windows to the soul"; they may help broadcast our sexual arousal patterns as well. What do changes in pupil dilation have to do with it?

The Magic of a Kiss: Legends and Myths

Why are kisses surrounded by legends and myths? Learn about the origins of two traditional kissing legends.

Your First Kiss Experience

Most people's first kiss is a memorable experience -- for better or for worse. Read some fellow readers' stories of their first kisses.

Everlasting Love: How do you know if it's for real?

It helps to consider all three stages of love when determining if you have the real thing. Learn about the different stages of love to help you decide whether he or she is 'the one.'

Is it love or lust?

So how can you tell if it's love or lust? Anthropology professor Helen Fisher provides the developmental perspective.

Over 40? Get the Love You Want

If you are an older woman trying to finally win at love, it can be tough. Once you get past the initial hurdle of meeting someone and then getting to know him, the hard part comes -- getting the timing right.