Love and Relationships

Love and relationships are a major part of the human experience, but they mystify many of us. Learn what scientific research has to say about love, and get advice on creating and maintaining relationships.

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Is Sapiosexuality a Real Thing?

Maybe you really can be loved just for your mind.

The Myth of Closure: Why Experts Say It Doesn't Exist

Losing a loved one through death or a breakup is always painful. But is seeking 'closure' the healthy way to move on?

Not Getting Online Dates? Your Bar Is Probably Too High

A study found that most online daters didn't get responses because they were sending them to prospects way more desirable than themselves. But some 20 percent got lucky.

Breakup Boot Camp: Help for Surviving a Broken Heart

Breakup boot camps help move the trauma-stricken lovelorn through the healing process and give them concrete steps for moving forward with their lives.

Why Do We Fall in Love?

Despite the heartache that often accompanies love, we can't help wanting it and rejoicing when it works. Are we hard-wired to fall in love or are we just responding to societal pressure?

New App Exposes the Pluses and Minuses of Sex Contracts

LegalFling is hoping to lessen the "he said, she said" thing with an app that can generate a supposedly legally binding sex contract before both partners get together. But will it really prevent problems?

Love at First Sight? A Study Says It's Probably Just Lust

Love or Lust? Many people believe in love at first sight, but little research has been on this. A new study set out to find whether love at first sight really exists.

The Winter Season Is Cuffing Season

Cuffing season is millennial-speak for the time of year when you want to pair up with a special someone. Is there just something about having a date for the big holidays or is there some science behind it too?

To Make Up After a Row, Men Want Sex, Women Want Quality Time

A new study finds that men and women have different ideas about the best way to reconcile after an argument.

Young Relationships Are Poisoned by Poor Parenting and Cultural Misogyny, Not Hookup Culture

American parents aren't showing children how to succeed in romantic relationships, so structural misogyny and harassment are taking the wheel, a new report suggests.

Friendships Can Actually Improve Your Health. But Why's It So Hard to Make Them?

Apart from putting more fun in our lives, studies have shown that friendships can help us live longer. Here's why.

Why So Many Married Couples Look Alike

It's not your imagination that a lot of married couples look like each other. A new study explains why.

This Is Why Humans Don't Have a Mating Season

Some mammals mate and reproduce at a specific time of year, but not humans. (Spring break notwithstanding, of course.)

The Two Months That See the Most Divorce Filings

Year after year, there are two months where people file for divorce the most. But why? A new study has an interesting explanation.

How Many People Are Lifelong Virgins?

Humans are low-virginity, high-reproduction animals. Some of us go our whole lives with no action, either by choice or circumstance. How many people never have sex?

Kiss Your Way to Good Health

Have you ever wondered what the health benefits of kissing are? Read on to learn how a healthy dose of kissing can improve your life.

A Message for the One You Love

Show your loved one that you care this Valentine's Day and share an ecard for your loved one that says you care!

5 Ways That Love Is Good for Your Health

Are you usually a Valentine's Day naysayer? Read on to learn about why you should give this day of love a second chance!

Domestic Violence: It's More Common Than You Think

According to the Domestic Violence Hotline, domestic violence is a pattern of behavior in any relationship. Learn more about domestic violence in this article.

Should you say "I do"?

Love and relationships expert Ty Tashiro advises you to consider these important facts before taking the plunge.

Does cheating run in the family?

Plenty of people cheat. Collective data on cheating behavior among married couples projects that between 20 and 40 percent of men and 20 and 35 percent of women have committed adultery against their respective spouses. Could genetics be to blame?

Does Love Make Your Pupils Dilate?

The eyes are more than the "windows to the soul"; they may help broadcast our sexual arousal patterns as well. What do changes in pupil dilation have to do with it?

5 Signs of an Abusive Relationship

If you're being abused, surely you know it, right? In truth, that's a commonly held misconception. If the examples in this article seem familiar, it's time to take action.

5 Tips for Starting a Relationship

Whether you're single or currently dating, you might have a relationship on your mind. Some guys like the comfortable feeling of being committed, while others are after the deep connections that come with long-term dating. Here's how to get what you want.

5 Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship

Relationships can be both rewarding and exhausting, and maintaining intimacy takes work. If you're not careful, day-to-day chores and responsibilities can crowd out quality time with your partner. Here, five tips to rejuvenate your bond.