5 Tips for Having a Romantic Date at Home


Have a Plan -- and Stick to It

Because your date is at home, it can be tempting to just play it by ear. But by doing so, you may make your special evening an afterthought. For instance, one of you comes home late or gets caught up in chores, and the next thing you know you're postponing your time together -- or just hurrying through the motions. To make sure this doesn't happen, treat your date at home the same way you would one for a special event. If you had tickets for a play, you'd be sure to arrange your schedule around it because you wouldn't want to waste a purchase. Your relationship, however, is much more valuable than a ticket, so show it some respect by honoring your date night at home.

Planning may not be an activity that seems all that sexy or romantic, but if you approach it with the same gusto you did your first dates with your partner, you'll likely find it both exciting and nostalgic.

Our next tip will help you make sure you and your loved one have the evening all to yourselves.