5 Tips for Having a Romantic Date at Home


Hire a Babysitter

In the 1980s, pop star George Michael sang that "sex is best when it's one on one." Well, the same can be said for romance. It's hard to gaze lovingly into your partner's eyes when a baby is crying down the hall. And an affectionate embrace can feel somewhat awkward if your father-in-law is rambling around the house. So, regardless of your family situation -- whether you have young children, an elderly parent or a house full of pets living with you -- clear them all out for your special date night. A romantic evening should be couple time only.

Because getting family out of the house can be tricky, it might be wise to plan your date on an evening when you know they'll be gone -- for instance, the night your daughter has a sleepover at her BFF's house or the weekend your in-laws leave for a cruise.

Take advantage of opportunities that arise. And when it comes to your four-legged family members, you don't have to ship them off to doggy camp for a weekend, just let them spend some time in the backyard while you and your honey enjoy some blissfully peaceful romantic time together.

Family members aren't all you'll want to get rid of during your date. Keep reading to find out what else to eliminate.