5 Tips for Having a Romantic Date at Home


Remove Distractions

Picture this: You and your significant other have just enjoyed a delicious dinner. You lower the lighting and put on some slow music. And then ... the phone rings. It's your plumber confirming his appointment to come snake your toilet the next day. Or maybe it's your child's teacher, wanting to discuss your son's grades. Either way, the romantic mood is killed.

To avoid disruptions to your date, turn off any intrusive electronics. Start with adjusting your cell phone -- often the most egregious offender -- to silent. You should also turn down the ringer on your home phone. At the very least, don't answer any incoming calls (or texts!). You can always follow up with someone later that evening or the next day, if necessary. It can also be helpful to let friends and family know ahead of time that you'll be unplugged for the evening [source: The Knot].

While phones are probably the most common distractions, don't forget other possible intrusions. If you live in a suburban area, block out the sounds of weed eaters and leaf blowers by either waiting until the sun goes down for your date or shutting all of your doors and windows. And don't have the TV running unless a movie is a component of your evening.

Your home doesn't have to be noisy to be a distraction. Read our next tip to see what we mean.