5 Tips for Having a Romantic Date at Home

Set the Mood

Now, we're getting to the essence of the date. You've done all of the preparation and planning; you've ensured the house is distraction-, mess- and kid-free. It's finally time to get romantic.

Some tried-and-true mood enhancers include candlelight, dim lighting, a fire in the fireplace, soft music, rose petals, moonlight, a warm bubble bath and luxurious bedding. Any combination of these can work so long as you select the things you and your sweetie enjoy. Just be prepared to make any necessary accommodations. For example, if one of you is sensitive to strong scents, use unscented candles [source: Rupp]. Or if the other can't stand classical music, go with some old-school R&B. One of the keys of romance is customizing it to your unique needs and desires as a couple.

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