10 Things Women Should Know about Male Hormones

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Women hear a lot about hormones. From the time we hit puberty to well past menopause, there's a nearly constant undercurrent of information and implication (we're referring to all those PMS jokes) that doggedly follow our every physiological move. Men, however, are often squarely in the dark when it comes to knowing exactly what their own chemical compounds are doing -- or not doing -- while coursing through their veins.

The truth is, male and female hormones are very much alike; in some cases, estrogen and testosterone compounds are set apart by a single atom. From moods to muscles, men are just as affected by hormones as we are. And, keeping male hormones in the proper balance offers a lot of benefits. Not only does the right amount of testosterone chase away dour attitudes, but it also translates into better sexual performance, improved fitness and increased overall health. Wondering if your guy is on the right track? We've got 10 things you should know, starting on the next page.