Men's Health Tips

Men's health tips can help you look better, feel better and live longer. Whether you have serious health problems or just want to improve your lifestyle, you can benefit from men's health tips. In this section you'll find a ton of men's health tips.

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From tire swings to marbles to video games, childhood friends aren't just the stuff of lifelong memories; they may actually benefit a man's physical health in years to come.

By Nathan Chandler

It's an age-old question and one scientists still ponder: Why do men have nipples? It all boils down to humans' evolutionary advantage.

By Laurie L. Dove

Survey gives the top reasons why men avoid those folks in white coats. Guess what's number one.

By Kathryn Whitbourne


Sure, a ripped back can be an attention getter – that's why all of us guys want one. But the back is also the starting point for many of the movements you go through each day, and that muscular back can contribute to your overall health. Now, if only you knew how to get one … we can help.

By Thomas Moore

Statistics show that men are less likely than women to visit the doctor. But with 10 less years on their life expectancy, men could use all the help they can get. Here, five tests men shouldn't avoid scheduling.

By Elizabeth Sprouse

Because there's an almost inexhaustible array of men's supplements, choosing which ones to take can be tricky. So how do you determine which supplements really make a difference in men's health?

By Chelsea Hedquist

It's normal for a small amount of PSA to be found in the blood, but a higher-than-normal level can indicate a problem. How do you keep those levels down?

By Patrick J. Kiger


Men are notorious for avoiding a trip to the doctor's office, but that attitude could result in some serious health problems. Find out why you might need to visit more often and what you should be asking while you're there.

By Shanna Freeman

If given the choice, most men would probably take better care of their cars than their own bodies, opting to spend the day washing and waxing. But preventive maintenance isn't just for the automotive world, and many medical conditions men face can be easily avoided.

By Jennifer Sellers

Who knew vitamins could be so sexy? Not only do nutrient-rich foods help keep you fit, but they can also give you a boost in the bedroom. Here, a handful to consider when making your next grocery list.

By Katie Lambert

Zinc plays several crucial roles in the male body. It helps fight off cold symptoms, fixes skin problems and even boosts sexual function.

By Marie Willsey, Brion O'Connor & Jesslyn Shields


Celebrating any birthday involving a zero tends to be a big deal, even for guys. So moving from your 20s to your 30s deserves some special attention -- especially as it relates to your health. What can men do to stay healthy into their 30s?

By Michael Franco

Who doesn't love a cure-all? For some men, herbs may offer solutions that treat depression, boost libido or treat an enlarged prostate gland. But what does science say about them? Here, five natural herbs known to help men's health.

By Elizabeth Sprouse

Are you sick, lacking energy, or even downright grumpy? Maybe you're experiencing a vitamin deficiency. Take heart, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite vitamins, what they do, and where you're likely to find them.

By Thorin Klosowski

Whether your goal is to become an enormous bodybuilder or a sleek marathoner, high rep workouts can help you get there. These pointers will help you tailor the exercises to your particular needs and maximize all they have to offer.

By Kevin P. Allen


Generally speaking, men don't usually spend too much time worrying about their health until something goes wrong -- employing the old "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy. But some numbers are scarier than others. Here, five startling facts about men's health.

By Marianne Spoon

Working out at home can be a lot more convenient than going to the gym. But especially if you tend to push your limits while exercising, it's vital to take a few extra steps to make sure you don't end up hurt. Here are five that can help.

By Sarah Winkler

You're not exactly getting sand kicked in your face but, then again, you've noticed that your build is slight compared to other guys. You'd like to bulk up. With hard work and these lifestyle changes, we can help you get there.

By Thomas Moore

There's no secret to getting big arms. It takes motivation, discipline and the accumulated wisdom of others who had the same goal and reached it. So ignore the slick, late-night commercials that offer a miracle workout or supplement. We have the tried and true insights you and your guns need.

By Jeff Harder


They may not be the sexiest part of the anatomy, but when toned and trained properly, your calves can still draw attention and boost overall leg power. With these simple guidelines you'll be effortlessly running up stairs in no time and looking good doing it.

By Thorin Klosowski

Ah, testosterone, the male hormone with the bad-boy reputation. But does it really cause aggression in men? Do women also secrete testosterone in their bodies? Find out what else women need to know about male hormones.

By Laurie L. Dove

Take a look at men's health pictures and get health tips for men of all ages. Learn how to stay fit, healthy and active with men's health pictures.

If you're like most men, you'd rather ignore the pain than go to the doctor and talk about pain "down there." But in many cases, trying to pretend the pain away could mean worsening your problem -- even to the point of needing your testicles removed.

By Tom Scheve


Ah, puberty -- perhaps the most awkward time in a boy's life, when hair sprouts in odd places, voices crack and acne makes its unwelcome appearance. What's going on inside the body of a pubescent boy?

By Tom Scheve

He's depressed, tired all the time and apathetic. It's a middle-aged man's midlife crisis, right? Not so fast: Those symptoms might have a lot more to do with hormone levels than a restless state of mind.

By Julia Layton