5 Tips on How to Get Bigger Calves

Bent Knee Calf Raises

You can do several different types of calf raises either in your home or at the gym. These exercises are among the simplest of methods to increase calf strength and size. We'll begin with the bent knee variety.

Bent knee calf raises are meant to contribute to the strength of the soleus muscle, the smaller of the two calf muscles. They're done, as the name implies, with a flexed or bent knee. Sit either on a workout machine at the gym or on a chair at home with a barbell or other weight on your knees. Raise your legs by pushing off the ground with the balls of your feet [source: Glenn]. Think of it as taking a nervous knee-tic and turning into a muscle-building technique. As few as one set of 20 reps a day will do the trick.