5 Tips on How to Get Bigger Calves

Hill Repeats

We know, this one doesn't sound like a whole heck of a lot of fun, but hill repeats are quite effective at building calf muscles quickly. They also help increase the strength and power of all your leg muscles.

Find a hill around 50 to 200 yards (45 to 182 meters) long. If you're a flatlander, a treadmill set on an incline for the same distance will work just as well. Run up the hill near the threshold of your speed and strength [source: Devine]. Make sure you're flexing your ankles and running in an upright position, with your neck and shoulders relaxed. Once you get to the top of the hill, continue your momentum for a few yards then turn around and jog to the bottom of the hill to start again. Repeat the drill six to 12 times.

None of these tips will bring overnight success, but they are time-tested and effective methods of reaching your goal of having bigger, stronger calves. For lots more information about muscle building and exercising, continue on to the next page.

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