5 Gym Bag Essentials for Men

What treasures lie within? Learn more with men's health pictures.

Whether you're a two-a-day workout fanatic or a weekend dabbler (but only every other month), you don't want to show up empty-handed at the gym. Worse, you don't want to show up with your hands and pockets stuffed full of the things you need.

A high-end gym bag isn't necessary (a backpack will work just fine), but you do need something to hold the essentials and make your life a little easier -- no extra trips back and forth between home, work and the gym. And you can leave it overnight in a locker at the gym, enabling you to show up empty handed but still have everything you need to get you through a workout -- and to get you out the door not smelling like a farm animal.

So what are the five gym-bag essentials for men? Let's take a look inside.