10 Weird Spa Treatments


Snake Massage

Want to escape the glitzy spa scene? There's no place better to do that than at Ada Barak's carnivorous plant farm in Israel, which in addition to its fine selection of lizard and insect-eating flora, also offers therapeutic snake massages.

The proprietress reportedly dreamed up the treatment after snatching a snake from one of her plants and passing it around to guests, whom she observed seemed to feel more relaxed after they'd handled it. One elderly woman described the snake as soothing, like a cold compress, Barak told TIME magazine [source: McGirk and Elazar]. For $80, a client gets to remove his or her shirts and trousers, lie down and experience the sensation of small snakes crawling on the skin. According to one client, the treatment helps relieve migraines and soothe sore muscles. And as a TIME reporter who tried the treatment discovered, there's also a chance that a snake will puke up a half-digested mouse on your epidermis [source: McGirk and Elazar].