10 Weird Spa Treatments


Carp Pedicure

"Doctor fish" zero in on your dead skin.
"Doctor fish" zero in on your dead skin.
Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Reportedly, Turkish salons first developed the practice of immersing clients' feet in tanks of water and allowing tiny carp, known as "doctor fish," to nibble away dead skin. More recently, the practice has become popular in the United States. At Yvonne's Day Spa in Alexandria, Va., a 25-minute session with the fish, followed by a pedicure, is available for $65 [source: Yvonne's Day Spa]. One caveat: When a salon in Kent, Wash., tried to offer a similar service, state health authorities banned it for fear that the fish might spread pathogens from one customer to another [source: Krishnan].