5 Massage Therapies That Improve Circulation


Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy

Pfrimmer deep muscle therapy massage is designed to correct restricted muscles in order to improve circulation. Therese C. Pfrimmer developed this massage technique after she became partially paralyzed while working in a laundry service. By giving herself a unique deep muscle massage, she was able to reverse her paralysis, and she devoted the rest of her life to studying and teaching others her technique.

Tight muscles prevent good blood circulation and lymphatic fluid, and the Pfrimmer deep muscle massage works to relieve the restriction of circulatory flow in your entire body. Think about a kink in a garden hose: When the flow of water is restricted, you can't properly water your plants and nurture your garden. The same goes with your body. When you have this all-over deep muscle massage, your entrapped nerves will be relieved, lymphatic fluid will be brought toward muscle cells, toxins will be moved out and muscles that may have been restricting circulation will be softened.