What are the best facials for mature skin?

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As you age, your skin routine will need to change.

You cleanse, you tone and you moisturize daily. But as your skin ages, it needs a little extra TLC to keep it looking fresh. So every now and again, give your face a little tune up in the form of a facial. Just as with your daily beauty regimen, the facial you select should be specifically targeted toward your skin type.

Aging skin, in particular, needs special care because it has special challenges. Mature skin may have a combination of skin types showing up in the small facial area -- from oily and acne prone in your T-zone to dry and sensitive on your cheeks and neck. An experienced esthetician will be able to identify these different zones and select a cleansing method that keeps your particular challenges in mind.


Cell production and circulation slow down in mature skin as well, so some type of gentle exfoliation should help get rid of the dry and dull looking skin. Exfoliants with microbeads may be a better choice for mature skin since they're rounded, where as natural exfoliants can be harsh and irritating. Generally, mature skin tends to be on the dry side, so a deep moisturizing mask will restore some suppleness and moisture. This should be followed with a massage technique that stimulates circulation and tones up the muscles.

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