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Body Parts

Body Parts work together to perform different functions required for life. Learn how your internal organs operate in this section.

5 Things Men Are Most Embarrassed About Their Bodies

Every guy is self-conscious about something, and hours are often spent wondering how he measures up to the competition. But what would-be body flaws are the most embarrassing?

10 Most Common Body Parts People Hide

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What does the pituitary gland do?

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The sphenoid sinuses are located behind your eyes. Learn more about what sinus is located behind your eyes from this article. See more »

There are several different sinus cavities located on your face. Your ethmoid sinuses are located inside your skull, between your eyes and immediately above your nose. Unlike other sinus cavities, which are large, single air-filled spaces, your ethmo ... See more »

Your frontal sinuses are located right above your eyebrows. Learn more about your frontal sinuses from this article. See more »

The maxillary sinuses are located right under your eyes and above the roots of your upper teeth. Learn more about the location of your maxillary sinuses from this article. See more »

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Why do humans have body hair?

Human body hair may seem annoying to groom, pluck and shave, but it does serve a purpose. Learn about human body hair and why we have hair on our bodies. See more »