Body Parts

Body Parts work together to perform different functions required for life. Learn how your internal organs operate in this section.

There are several different sinus cavities located on your face. Your ethmoid sinuses are located inside your skull, between your eyes and immediately above your nose. Unlike other sinus cavities, which are large, single air-filled spaces, your ethmo ...

Your frontal sinuses are located right above your eyebrows. Learn more about your frontal sinuses from this article.

The maxillary sinuses are located right under your eyes and above the roots of your upper teeth. Learn more about the location of your maxillary sinuses from this article.

An Adam's apple is the protrusion of cartilage in the neck. Learn about an Adam's apple from this article.

Think it's a hassle when your car breaks down? Try finding a spare organ when your body gives out. Thanks to years of research, scientists are now amassing a "body shop" of sorts, dealing not in tires or mufflers, but in bladders, bones and breasts.

But no matter how many times you've doodled one on a piece of paper or touched your chest when expressing affection for someone, there's probably a lot you don't know about it. So what are five things you don't know about your heart?

By waxing, shaving, plucking and shearing, we manage to keep unwanted hairs at bay. But considering how much you shell out for new razors and your trips to the salon, it's a wonder that we bend over backward to groom a bunch of dead cells.

Have you ever wondered what your body looks like on the inside? Take a tour of your major bodily organs and learn about unusual organ conditions with these pictures.

The human body is fantastic biological specimen. Learn more about the human body with these revealing and insightful facts.

Vestigial organs are like the contents of your junk drawer: an assortment of objects that once had a purpose or might come in handy. What can these evolutionary mementos tell us?

It happens more often than you may think. Sometimes a baby is born with organs outside of his or her body and has a slim chance of survival. What causes this?

Most people's organs follow the same basic layout -- heart on the left, appendix on the right and stomach in the middle. But in about 1 in 10,000 births, organs end up on the opposite side.

Does the appendix serve any purpose in the human body? Scientists are divided on the issue -- learn why.

Despite what people say, the tongue isn't your body's strongest muscle. But you do depend on it for eating, tasting and speaking.

Getting shot is not something we want to happen, but if it does, where is the best place to take a bullet? Find out what the experts think.

Our list of 16 unusual facts about the human body will both shock and enlighten. Did you know that everyone has a unique tongue print or that we shed skin cells the same way a dog sheds hair?

Extra body parts can occur more often than people might think. Doctors call the extra appendages "supernumerary" body parts and these can be found on some famous people in history.

Having a limb fall asleep can range from annoying to downright painful. See what's going on inside your arm or leg when it falls asleep.

Your appendix is really a pretty mysterious organ. Find out why you have an organ that's not necessary to your survival.