Tips for Talking to Teens About Sex -- Without Embarrassing Them
embarrassed teen sex education

As a parent, everything you do embarrasses your teen. How can you have "the talk" without making her run for cover?


When you're a parent of a teen, pretty much everything you do embarrasses your son or daughter, and that goes double when you try to talk to your teen about sex. Though you're probably the best source of reliable information, you're also the last person on earth (or anywhere else) with whom your teen wants to discuss sex.

Nonetheless, you should be prepared to talk to your teens about sex (whether they like it or not), because if you don't, cigarette-smoking Johnny at the skate park certainly will. So how do you talk about sex without making your kids want to hide their faces or head for the nearest exit? It's impossible. But keep reading for tips that will help you limit the catastrophic humiliation of all parties involved.