Teenage Health

Need health tips for your teenager or worried you have a troubled teen? Get information and advice on teenage health issues.

U.S. government survey shows that rates of drinking, smoking and having sex are all lower today than 25 years ago.

The brains of diagnosed compulsive gamers operate differently from the rest of us, mostly in beneficial ways, but sometimes in negative ways.

Ayana Rose-Williams, therapist of My Mom is Obsessed, lays down the ground rules for teens and how much responsibility they should really have.

There's no perfect science to raising a teenager. Some days just don't make sense. But if you know the traits teens dislike, you can at least brace yourself for what's ahead.

Axl Rose once sang, in November Rain, that everybody needs some time on their own. But how about when it's that sweet child o' yours?

The average weight and height for teens and adults is calculated differently. Learn what the average weight and height is for teens in this article.

Teens can stress out for lots of reasons. Learn about current stressors in a teenager’s life in this article.

While a common age for teens to have sex is 17, the trend is to delay. Learn about the typical time teens will have sex from this article.

Although many support groups are available online, you may get better results from a face-to-face group. Learn where to find a support group for your depressed teen from this article.

Young girls should visit the OB-GYN even before they are sexually active, to check development and have the opportunity to ask questions about any concerns they may have. Learn when you should bring your teen to the OB-GYN in this article.

Engaging in sports is a healthy pastime, but there are risks involved. Learn if youth sports are doing more harm than good in this article.

Teen birthrates are at a record low in the United States, although there is disagreement as to why. Learn about the teenage birthrate in this article.

From the time they begin to talk, kids can ask some pretty difficult questions -- and as they get older, it doesn't get any easier. Here, a cheat sheet your teen's toughest questions.

Parents may feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to dealing with a troubled teenager in their family, and it's unlikely that there's a quick fix or a cure. But there are options.

Pretty much everything you do embarrasses your teenage son or daughter, so how can you talk about sex and get him or her to listen? How can you provide comprehensive sex education while instilling your family's values?

Self injurious behavior can be a tricking thing to handle with your teen. Learn how to react and help a child that is showing signs of self injurious behavior.

Before the onset of puberty, all pre-teen girls should have a physical exam conducted. Learn more about why a wellness exam is important to pre-teen girls health.

Do you have questions about your first period, menstrual cycles, sexual activity and more? Take look at commonly asked female teen questions to get informed.

If you are looking for helpful information for teens, then take a look at these insightful facts that we have gathered for you about teens.

The teenage years for a boy and girl can be a roller coaster of emotions. Get teenage lifestyle tips for everything from depression to exercising in this article.

Your body is changing; your moods may be unpredictable and sometimes even unexplainable. Don't worry. These changes during your teen years are normal. See what to expect.

Many people first try alcohol or drugs during their teenage years. Learn more about how early exposure to alcohol can lead to more serious problems later in life.

If your teen's performance in school is lagging, insufficient sleep is might be the cause. Check out the facts about sleep and its effect on your teens performance.