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Spanking Has Declined Sharply in the U.S. in Last 25 Years, Study Finds

Parents in the U.S. are spanking their kids much less often than they did in the past. A study looked at the decline between 1993 and 2017.

I Had a Baby During the Pandemic and This Is What Happened

HowStuffWorks contributor Cherise Threewitt was due to deliver her baby in late March. She never knew that would mean she'd be having her child in the midst of a global pandemic.

Baby Won't Sleep? 5 Tips From a Baby Sleep Coach

For new parents, one of the biggest challenges is getting their newborn to sleep. We talked to an expert to find out the biggest mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Rare Condition Causes New Mom to Lactate Outside Her Breast

An Austrian woman who had just given birth began producing milk in breast tissue located in her vulva.

New Dads Deal With Postpartum Depression, Too

We mostly associate postpartum depression with new moms. But studies show that new dads experience it, as well.

What Is the Linea Nigra of Pregnancy?

The dark line that runs down a pregnant woman's belly is completely normal, and it even has a fancy Latin name.

American Academy of Pediatrics Says Spanking Is Ineffective

Last time the American Academy of Pediatrics weighed in on corporal punishment, it was to say we shouldn't spank children in schools. Now it says we shouldn't spank children at home, either.

Sometimes Babies Are Born With Teeth

Believe it or not, about one in every 2,500 babies is born with a tooth or three.

Multiple Pregnancies Age Women's Cells Faster

And you thought you felt old because you had three kids? While that may be true, they're not the only thing to blame.

You Can't Name Your Baby That!

Having a baby? You can name your little bundle of joy anything you want to, right? Well, not so fast — there are some rules.

Why Women Don't Lick Their Babies Clean After Childbirth

Animals of all stripes lick their babies clean after birth. Why is it that human women don't?

How Doulas Work

Doulas don't have any medical training but many mothers depend on them to be in the delivery room to offer support. What do mothers like about doulas and how do you become one?

More C-Sections Complicate Human Ability to Give Birth, Study Suggests

C-sections are life-saving interventions for many women. Could they also be messing with natural selection?

Why Would Anyone Eat Their Placenta?

More women are choosing to ingest their encapsulated placentas because of the supposed benefits they get after childbirth. But what does science have to say?

Is a Woman More Likely to Get Pregnant Naturally After Adoption or IVF?

You've tried to conceive and can't, so you adopt. Then boom, you get pregnant. What gives?

Men's Sperm Count Down Significantly, Study Finds

A new study confirms that sperm counts of men in Western countries are plummeting.

What Do Babies See Before Birth?

Very little is known about what or how fetuses see. This study shows their vision capabilities are more advanced than previously thought.

'Latchkey Kids': What's Different About Leaving Children Home Alone Now Versus Then

Many latchkey kids remember their time fondly, even though they wouldn't leave their own kids alone.

Grandparents' Child Care Habits Can Be Outdated, Potentially Harmful

Sometimes, their old-school methods are benign. But other times, they're seriously risky, according to a new study.

Experts Call for Egg Donor Registry

The registry would be used to track donor well-being and learn more about breast cancer and other health risks. But for some, it raises privacy concerns.

Fetal Lambs in 'Biobags' Show Promise for Artificial Human Wombs

A new device tested on fetal lambs could change care for human preemies, immersing them in a "biobag" with lab-made amniotic fluid, keeping them underwater for weeks.

Despite What You Think, Today's Teens Are Better Adjusted Than Gen X Teens

U.S. government survey shows that rates of drinking, smoking and having sex are all lower today than 25 years ago.

Rockabye Baby in a Smart Crib From Ford

Parents put down your keys and put your newborn to bed--in a concept crib from Ford. The car company has designed a smart crib that mimics your baby's favorite ride.

These Countries Have the Most Crybabies — Literally

It turns out that colicky babies in different countries don't cry the same amount. A new study measured which nation's newborns cried most.