Supplements for Heat Intolerance
spoonful of supplements

Feeling the heat? One of the supplements on our list could help.


To effectively treat heat intolerance, you have to first acknowledge it for what it is: a symptom. Rather than being a stand-alone condition, it's a sign that something else in the body is happening [source: Vaughan]. So, while you may be able to cool yourself when you get overheated, you won't be able to prevent the occurrence from happening again unless you're able to master or alter what's causing it.

There are a number of methods for increasing your comfort when you're likely to become overheated. These include cutting back on caffeine, managing your stress, wearing cool clothing, drinking fluids and making use of fans and air conditioning. To get to the bottom of heat intolerance, however, you'll need to identify and treat what's causing it. Treatments may include lifestyle changes and prescription medications, but supplements can also be effective for some conditions.

On the following pages, we'll look at the types of supplements that might help you remedy the cause of your heat intolerance.