Vitamin and Supplement Facts

Vitamin and supplement facts can help you determine whether you need to complement your diet. Read up on the facts before you head to the store.

Is something fishy with all those fish oil supplements?

When scientists used a new measurement technique on an earlier clinical trial, they got some very different results.

There's so much information (and misinformation) out there about dietary supplements, it can be hard to know what to believe. Here are some general guidelines.

A review of existing studies found increasing your intake of vitamin D didn't help to cure or prevent several diseases.

Some people swear by vitamin C to prevent colds. Is it powerful enough to stop disease?

Is fish oil just snake oil in disguise? Will echinacea really help you combat a cold? Many of the claims around supplements are actually just marketing hype.

Curious about which herbal supplements are best suited for your needs? Learn about the best herbal supplements and common uses.

From sports drinks to high-tech powder mixes, electrolyte supplements on the market are targeted to athletes needing to rejuvenate. Why are electrolytes so important?

Vitamins and supplements can be beneficial to your health, but the number of choices available today can be overwhelming. Use the guide below to see the optimum daily dosage of many vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Do you run a space heater in your office, even in August? Can you not warm up no matter how many layers you wear? The culprit could be a vitamin deficiency.

Can't get through the day without an afternoon pick-me-up snack? Instead of feeding your fatigue with unhealthy, empty calories, try fine-tuning your diet to keep fatigue at bay.

Olympians are celebrated for their athletic prowess and health. Weightlifters need plenty of protein and nutrients to support their muscular physiques -- so what supplements help them stay strong?

We've all heard about the importance of using sunscreen and avoiding rays when they're at their strongest. But once the sun's damage is done, is there a vitamin that can turn back the clock?

In moderation, vitamins and sunshine can do a body good. But in some instances, vitamins or supplements can make you more prone to danger from those primarily healthy rays. Do you know which ones?

That vitamin A-based facial cream you bought probably sounded great when you heard it could help with your wrinkles or acne. But could it end up making you spend more time indoors, too?

Short of spending the day inside in air-conditioning, what can you do to get through the hottest season of the year? As it turns out, what you eat might help you cope with the summer heat.

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that your body makes itself. But to do so, it has to be exposed to direct sunlight -- without sunscreen. How much sun should you get to make enough vitamin D?

If you're feeling overheated, there are a few methods that can help increase your comfort. You may ever consider one of the five supplements on our list.

Some like it hot, but for the rest of us, the thought of a sweaty brow and having to depend on short sleeves or a handheld fan year-round doesn't sound too pleasant. Can a supplement help your heat intolerance?

Feeling flush, sweating, experiencing a temperature or even burning easily in the sun doesn't fit into anyone's definition of a good quality of life. Is it possible that a supplement is playing a role in your discomfort?

You're dizzy, nauseous and you've been working up a sweat outside without drinking any water? These five supplements may help you recuperate from heat exhaustion and keep it from happening again.

Olympic athletes treat their bodies like the highly efficient machines that they are, and that starts with having the right fuel. But can taking the same supplements as them help make your body Olympic-ready, too?

When the temperature is high and the humidity makes it feel even hotter, your body has to work harder. Do you know which supplements can help?

This vitamin A overview will help you understand everything you need to know about this basic vitamin.

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