Allergy Basics

Allergic Rhinitis: Cockroaches

Allergies can also be caused the little critters scurrying around your house. Whether a cat or cockroach, they could be contributing to your allergic reactions.


Dust mites and their droppings may be horrible to think about, but at least you can't see them. Cockroaches, on the other hand, are visible. Although they scuttle away when the kitchen light comes on, they leave behind their droppings in the form of little pellets. The feces contain a digestive enzyme thought to be an allergen. If that's not enough, dead roach body parts, themselves known allergens, adhere to dust particles. These become airborne and cause an allergic reaction when they enter the nose, eyes, and lungs. Extermination can actually increase the problem because there will be more body parts in the dust. For roach control, it's best to use traps, such as the Roach Motel.

Like dust mites, cockroaches adore a warm, humid environment. Not all cockroaches live indoors, but those who enter homes to forage for food (and reproduce) live in every room. But it's the kitchen that continues to be their favorite snacking ground for obvious reasons.