Diuretics are commonly known as water pills. You can take a diuretic alone or with other medicines used to lower blood pressure. For instance, diuretics can be combined with other diuretics to make a diuretic-diuretic combination. Examples of these combinations include these brand names from the list below:

  • Aldactazide
  • Dyazide
  • Maxzide
  • Moduretic

Diuretics can also be combined with other blood pressure medicines like beta-blockers, or with vasodilators. In fact, diuretics can be combined with any other class of blood pressure medicines.

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When are diuretics prescribed?

Diuretics are often doctors' first choice of treatment for high blood pressure. They are relatively safe and inexpensive. They work well for many people who have high blood pressure without other complicating health problems. Their use has been shown to reduce heart and blood vessel problems in both younger and older people. They are often a good choice for older people and for many African Americans who have high blood pressure. Both of these groups tend to be more sensitive to changes in the amount of salt in their diets. Diuretics help to rid the body of sodium, called salt, and water.

Common Names of Diuretics

The following table shows some common brand and generic names for diuretics.

brand generic
Aldactazide spironolactone and hydrochlorothiazide
Aldactone spironolactone
Aquatensen methyclothiazide
Bumex bumetanide
Demadex torsemide
Diucardin hydroflumethiazide
Diurese trichlormethiazide
Dyazide hydroclorothiazide and triamterene
Dyrenium triamterene
Edecrin ethacrynic acid
Enduron methyclothiazide
Esidrix hydrochlorothiazide
Exna benzthiazide
HydroDIURIL hydrochlorothiazide
Hydromox quinethazone
Hydro-Par hydrochlorothiazide
Hygroton chlorthalidone
Lasix furosemide
Lozol indapamide
Maxzide hydroclorothiazide and triamterene
Metahydrin trichlormethiazide
Microzide hydrochlorothiazide
Midamor amiloride HCl
Moduretic amiloride HCl and hydrochlorothiazide
Mykrox metolazone
Naqua trichlormethiazide
Naturetin bendroflumethiazide
Oretic hydrochlorothiazide
Renese polythiazide
Saluron hydroflumethiazide
Thalitone chlorthalidone
Zaroxolyn metolazone