Cardiovascular Conditions

From atrial fibrillation to heart attacks and congestive heart failure, the articles in this section cover cardiovascular conditions and the treatments available.

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Cyanosis: Why Your Fingers Turn Blue

It might be OK for a Smurf to have blue fingers, but for the rest of us, it's something you don't want to see. Cyanosis is usually a sign of a bigger health problem.

Heart Stents Fail to Alleviate Chest Pain, New Study Finds

A groundbreaking study upends conventional wisdom on heart stents for treating stable angina.

Skipping Breakfast Associated With Hardened Arteries, Say Heart Specialists

Skipping breakfast might seem innocuous, but a new study finds it associated with atherosclerosis and a wider waistline.

Slow Walkers May Be at Greater Risk of Heart-related Death, Study Shows

A U.K. study that lasted years and involved thousands of people suggests a link between slow walking and cardiovascular mortality.

How the Framingham Heart Study Works

Born in 1948, and still going strong, the Framingham Heart Study has told us just about everything we know about how people get heart disease and strokes. But not without some controversies along the way.

This Man Carried His 'Heart' in a Backpack for Over a Year

Thanks to a portable driver, Stan Larkin was able to live with an artificial heart out in the real world for 555 days.

Babies Can't Be Bribed, Unless the Payoff Is Right

A new study finds that babies are surprisingly willing to resist the dark side — to a certain point.

8 Step Plan to Lower Your Cholesterol

Do you need to lower you cholesterol? Here is an eight step plan to lower your cholesterol.

What's my target heart rate?

Your target heart rate depends on several individual factors. Learn more about what target heart rate is and what factors are used to determine it.

What Strategies Can I Use to Control My Cholesterol?

There are strategies that are recommended to control cholesterol levels safely. Learn more about controlling your cholesterol with approved therapies in this article.

What can I eat on the DASH diet?

Knowing what to eat on the DASH diet can help lower your cholesterol. Learn more about what an individual needs to consume to get the most out of the DASH diet.

What are the symptoms of peripheral vascular disease?

The symptoms of peripheral vascular disease includes poor blood flow which can be treated with the proper medications. Learn more about the signs of peripheral vascular disease and what can be done to help lessen the effects.

What Options Do I Have for Cholesterol Treatment, and How Do I Choose?

Knowing the options for cholesterol treatment and how to choose the right one is a crucial step in treating this illness. Learn more about the options that are available for treating high cholesterol.

How much fat can I have on a low cholesterol diet?

Fat on a low cholesterol diet is not bad in small servings, especially if it is the type of good fat. Learn more about controlling your fat intake while on a diet.

What other changes can I make to cut fat and cholesterol?

Are you looking to make changes to cut the fat and cholesterol in a diet? Check out how you can improve your health by adjusting and eliminating the bad fats from your diet to lead a healthier life.

What are some vascular diseases?

There are many different types of vascular diseases, including peripheral artery disease, Buerger's disease, and aneurysms. Learn more about vascular diseases from this article.

10 Foods for a Healthy Heart

What we eat affects our heart and blood circulation -- either helping to prevent or cause heart attacks and strokes. Read on to learn about 10 heart-healthy foods to supercharge your heart.

How can I eat lower cholesterol foods when I eat out?

Eating lower cholesterol foods when you dine out can lead to a healthier figure. Learn more about making lower cholesterol food choices you eat out at restaurants.

How do snack foods affect my risk for high cholesterol?

Many foods can be linked to high cholesterol. Learn more about snack foods and how they can affect a person's cholesterol level.

How does my body type affect my risk for high cholesterol?

A person's body type and cholesterol are commonly linked to one another when discussing cholesterol levels. Learn more about this unique relationship with the information inside this article.

How do fried foods affect my risk for high cholesterol?

Fried foods and cholesterol are typically talked about in the same sentence because of the effects fried foods have on cholesterol. Learn about the relationship between fried foods and cholesterol levels.

How do pastries affect my risk for high cholesterol?

Can pastries affect the risk of developing high cholesterol in a person? Check out what we uncovered about pastries and their relationship to high cholesterol.

How do meats affect my risk for high cholesterol?

Meats and high cholesterol are commonly linked to one another for many reasons. Learn more about how meats and high cholesterol interact with each other with the information in this article.

How does BMI affect my risk for high cholesterol?

BMI, or body mass index, and high cholesterol are commonly linked to one another. Learn more about BMI and its relationship to high cholesterol with the help of this article.

How does smoking affect my risk for high cholesterol?

Smoking affects the body in many ways, some less obvious than others. Learn more about how smoking affects high cholesterol in this article.