5 Ways Cholesterol Can Affect Your Sex Life

Can your cholesterol affect your sex life? See heart pictures.

It's hard out there in the dating world. We all have lists of qualities we'd like to find in potential mates -- a good sense of humor, kind to children and animals, gainfully employed, and willing to do housework, just to name a few. We hope to find someone with the same values and long-term goals. And of course, we'd like to meet someone we're sexually compatible with; we all have certain traits that push our buttons or serve as deal breakers. That's an awful lot to keep track of, but it turns out there's one more thing we should all consider adding to our mating wish list: a good cholesterol count. Of course, we all want our partners to be healthy, but there's also a selfish reason to care -- cholesterol can affect your sex life. In this article, we'll consider five reasons you may want to ask for a doctor's note before hopping into bed with someone new.