5 Ways Cholesterol Can Affect Your Sex Life

High Cholesterol Can Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

Let's say you're a man, ready for some romantic time with your special someone. The mood lighting's set and you're feeling amorous, but horror of horrors -- you're having a hard time getting an erection. While erectile dysfunction has a variety of culprits, including stress, fatigue, certain prescription drugs and prostate problems, you may have high cholesterol to blame. Too much cholesterol clogs your arteries and restricts blood flow. Restricted blood flow is bad news for your penis because getting an erection depends on blood traveling to your nether region and accumulating there. If you're experiencing a problem maintaining an erection, see your doctor. One of the first things the doctor is likely to check is your cholesterol count, which means you may only need to make some simple changes to your diet and exercise routine to get back in the groove.